A Little More About Us
Chart-Air Tours was founded on the premise that nothing compares to personal service or feeling like part of the family. Remaining true to that, CEO and founder Joseph Jacquemin instilled those very principles in the travel company he built; taking the time to deliver a la carte customized programs to meet each client's needs, treating everyone like family. 

Joe is a distinguished veteran of this business, long recognized for both his passion of the travel and flying. His distinct knowledge in the industry transcends through his personable relationships and high volume loyal clients. He single-handedly generated revenues high in the millions for charter airlines, some flying only one single plane at the time and helping them grow to top in their field today such as local airline Miami Air. Early on in his life being the risk-taker he's always been, Joe introduced the first chartered flight out of Sao Paulo, Brazil to London, UK which put him on the map. Serving as the former Director of Braniff Airways in Brazil, Joe exceeded all company expectations and set the bar pretty high. He was later asked to take over as Director for British Airways, and he accepted the challenge.

Keeping  it in the family, was a priority then and remains to be today.   
Joe credits his business "savoir-faire" to traveling the globe all his life, sealing relationships worldwide and drawing from those international experiences. France, Vietnam, Lebanon, Brasil are all places he has called home, but ultimately choosing to settle in Miami. His refined experience in flight charters and travel extends to his passion for planes, once a  pilot himself

Joe maintains the company as a family-owned business. Supported by a team of professionals -- every individual is considered part of the family ,from client to staff. The internet has transformed companies into a less personable environment.  Joe leads the company with the same quality principles he always has, not by conforming but by evolving and keeping relationships personal. 
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